Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads for Beauty Salons

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This beginners guide for salon owners is divided into 9 steps. The first 4 steps are all about getting the things in place that you’ll need before you can create your ad. The next 5 steps takes you through how you set up your ad on the Facebook platform.


Below is an overview of all steps. It may not all make sense yet. But we’ll go through each step in detail.


  1. Deciding on your Facebook ads strategy
  2. Coming up with a Facebook ad offer salon clients cannot resist
  3. Creating an offer page that convert visitors from your ad into clients
  4. Setting up the accounts you need with Facebook
  5. Creating your salon or spas first facebook ads campaign
  6. Defining the goal of your salon’s campaign
  7. Finding your ideal salon client on Facebook to target
  8. Creating a Facebook ad that catches the attention of your target salon client
  9. Testing and improving your salon ad campaign

Let’s dive into creating your salon Facebook ad!


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6 reviews for Beginners Guide to Facebook Ads for Beauty Salons

  1. Helen Murtagh

    This guide is amazing!! 😍Super clear and simple. Showed me how to everything step by step and my salon is getting more clients now than ever. 100% recommend any salon owner out there to get it. You won’t be disappointed with the results

  2. Keith

    I was pretty clueless on how Facebook ads worked before picking this up. As a salon owner I always need to be finding new clients and using FB ads to do that is crucial. It was easy read and to get the basics down. Most of all it’s current, so I recommend checking this out ASAP if you look to do any sort of marketing on facebook for your salon.

  3. Katie

    It is so informative. The goal is to create Facebook ad strategy that will last for years to come and this guide has been very helpful in getting set up with Facebook ads for our business. It makes a lot more sense when you follow along with the guide instead of just trying to catch up with what everyone else is doing. It’s taught me how to master one of the most important business tools for my salon to grow, Facebook ads.

  4. Anthony

    Get this guide now! It shows they understand the struggles of salons and getting new customers in the door. Really simple guide to follow. Well worth the €100 I spent on it!

  5. Lucie

    I liked how informative and detailed this guide is because it really explained every part of facebook advertising to me. It listed everything I should do or know prior to making ads and included a lot of images that make the process easier to understand and follow. However, what I liked most was that the guide was concise and only gave the information that I actually needed to succeed!

  6. Samantha

    By far the best guide we’ve read. This lives up to the title – the advice given really is straightforward, easy to follow. The information is presented in a friendly, clear and entertaining way that’s a pleasure to read. We’ve picked up lots of tips and feel full of renewed enthusiasm and fresh ideas. A very helpful and inspiring read.

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