Researching Your Social Media Audience

Almost 79% of the adults today use Facebook regularly, but the actual question is are your customers actively engaging with your brand over Facebook. It is imperative to understand your audience in order to learn things like who is interested in your brand or who buys from you, what age group is most interested in your products and which one is the toughest to sell to, what is the income level of most of your customers? In other words, it is just as crucial to know about your audience when it comes to social media.

So, while building your social media strategy, you must look into the demographics of the most valuable social channels. In short, try to look for the channels which have goals that are coherent to the goals of your own social media strategy to get the most out of them.

Identifying Customer Demographics

You need to find out about your own customers. to do this, you would need to conduct further analysis in order to truly be aware of your customer demographics over various social channels. A great tool for this is Facebook audience insights.

To get a better overview of the people following you as well as interacting with you over each channel, you can make the use of a social media dashboard. Most of the brands are using some form of the dashboard, but it is important to ensure that whether your dashboard is addressing your specific goals or not?

So, you might need to look for the right platform that will help you with an in-depth and essential demographic data for all of your social networks to help you identify your customers.
In conclusion, knowing your social media target audience can play a significant role in increasing the success of your social media audience segments.

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